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About Us

Corporate History is owned and operated by 7 Innovations LLC. The company has offices in the USA and provides car honest expert car reviews from car manufacturers located all over the world.

From modest beginnings, Reviewitonline has expanded steadily to meet the demands of its users for honest, trustworthy and relevant information about the auto industry.

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Philosophy Behind Our Reviews

Our Review Team has spent much time and effort in providing honest and unbiased reviews. The review team is comprised of car enthusiasts who enjoy researching and writing about cars. Members of our team are located all over the world to try and bring our readers the most updated and relevant industry information available today. We draw on a number of online and offline sources to provide you with the reviews including information provided directly by the manufacturers, as well as information provided by you in your user reviews.

Philosophy Behind User Contribution

We realized very early on that most users searching for products and services online, whether it be cars, computers or cleaning services, will read and rely on reviews written by their peers. And what better unbiased expert is someone who actually owns the product and can tell you his or her personal experiences.

Whilst we have invested much time, effort and resource into providing our own expert review, we realize that peer reviews are crucial in your decision making process. For this reason, we place a big emphasis on user reviews that are left on Reviewitonline and encourage you to contribute to this ever growing online resource for automotive information.


As a website which offers news and reviews on the car industry, we rely entirely on the quality of people that create this website. The team at reviewitonline is comprised of editors, bloggers, technical experts and reviewers with a passion for cars. There are many moving parts to this website and the team works in collaboration to provide you with the most updated information and reviews.

For further information, please feel free to contact our review team at

Katie Moss

News Columnist, Review Team

Katie is a freelance columnist and review team member for She brings in-depth analysis and insight into the auto industry working as copywriter for an online web development company for auto dealers, as well as actively writing for a number of premiere websites in the auto industry.

Katie is interested in several aspects of the auto industry from innovative concept cars to automakers' community involvement and initiatives. She specializes in following the"pulse" of the auto industry through her informative, engaging articles, as seen on

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Cedrix Rutto

Automotive Research Assistant

Cedrix is a virtual research assistant and graphics editor for He has been involved in professional online research, web design and development, and IT administration since 2008. Cedrix is known for this hard work and tenacious attitude in obtaining "hard to get" data and research information.

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Prerna Malhan

Freelance Columnist

Prerna Malhan, is a freelance columnist for She started writing about automotive culture soon after graduating with a master's degree in journalism. She is fond of writing reviews on new cars and providing impartial and balanced car advice.

Prerna's years of writing experience and enthusiasm for everything related to automotive industry brought her to the team. With her proficient research skills and extensive knowledge, she provides unbiased reviews and advice to anyone looking to purchase a new or a used car. Apart from writing and overcoming word-block demons, she is an avid photographer.